Abandoned Devices

Devices that are diagnosed as non-repairable or not cost effective for repair, will be disposed of if abandoned for over 60 days at our sole discretion. Any devices abandoned over 180 days without prior arrangements will be disposed of at our discretion. It is the customers responsibility to verify that we have the correct contact information on file which you can find on your claim ticket (paper or e-mail).

Device Data

While we will do our best to preserve the information on your device, in some cases it is not possible. We always recommend backing up regularly to at least 2 different places, a physical backup (USB/DVD/HDD) and a cloud based service.

We will never wipe the information from your device purposefully without your permission. Unfortunately it is not possible to fix certain issues without wiping the device.


We will always try and give you an accurate quote before even touching your device, if it turns out the device is going to need more work than we originally thought we will contact you before continuing, and in most cases if you did not want to continue there would be no charge, or just the service fee if it is an advanced repair.

With liquid damaged devices it is very difficult to give an accurate quote in regards to the time it may take as every case is different. It normally depends on how long ago the device got wet, and how wet it got.